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Hi Todd,

The knife arrived today.
Absolutely stunning. The photos don't do it justice.
From a fit and finish perspective I can't fault it and your designs are fantastic, practical but at the same time a step up artistically from anything I've seen elsewhere. Even the finish on the edge of the Kydex sheath was a nice quality touch that you just don't get often.
I've been a hobbyist knife maker and collector for a number of years and I think your pricing is very reasonable as well given the quality of materials and all the time that I know is spent on the creation of the knives this good.
I think I'll need to get another soon because this ones going to see a lot of use :-)

Kind regards,

Upper Hutt
New Zealand

Hi, Todd and Tracy!
I can't believe that I actually own this Cleaver #203! After I got it out of the box the one thing that struck me most was how comfortable it is to hold, and I find that also to be true when holding your smaller necker knives. I just can't wrap my head around this, you would think that size would give you a comparable difference, its just not so with your knives. As always your leather work is top shelf and from now on I will ask for you to please include a leather sheath at extra cost to me.

I never realized that everything was hand made when it came to the fastener plates until I saw a stud in the chuck of your lathe.
The detail of the etching really sets this design in motion, without it, it would still be a fine knife design but without the character.

All in all, this is another fine example of your fine artistry in knife making, your attention to detail and design is by far exemplary.

I wish you both the best and look forward to what else you have up your sleeves.

Just got the knife and wow! Not sure if I should frame it or wear it! (Im gonna use it) The sheath is just as nice. It easily takes top spot in my collection. Two thumbs up and maybe a toe too. Thanks much and look forward to my next one.

The knife I got a few weeks ago from you guys is a thing of beauty. I can't say enough about it. It really is the pride of my collection thus far, so I would most definitely like to go ahead and place my second order!
I anticipate being a long-term customer!

Received my knife the other day and have worn it everyday since then. NK141 is flawless and am very pleased with my order, I find myself admiring it constantly.

Keep up the great work as I will be looking in on a daily basis to see the new creations from StoneWood. Hope you guys do more of the Cleaver style.

Clear Skies...M!ke

Hi Todd,
I just received my knife and I am very excited! This is just beautiful! I have wanted one of your knives for a while now. The workmanship is perfect! I am a copper addict, and the copper in this is one of the reasons I was drawn to this particular knife. I love everything about it. The etching, the raw bar steel, the handle, liner and screw material choice, and of course the scary sharp mirrored edge.

I make custom lanyard beads, and I am making one today to match the knife. Thanks so much for the fast shipping. I will definitely buy another knife from you in the future!

All the best,

Hi Todd,
knives are in my hands now, they are beautyful. As last time, i had trouble with customs her in germany. Problems are solved now amd i'm happy!! I wish you merry christmas and a happy new year.

Hi Todd,
The knife finally arrived! It had a nice vacation in Ohio on the way here. The knife is awesome and I am very pleased with it! Thanks!

Hey Todd and Tracy,
Just a note to commend you two on such a beautiful piece of work on knife #182, it is by far my favorite. When I asked for something a little more DieselPunk than SteamPunk you nailed it with this knife. Looking at the knife from every infinite angle shows something new in its esthetics, never boring! I'm glad this came with a leather sheath as a kydex would not have done it any justice.

Again, I just want to say that I am very happy with your new design and feel lucky to own it, I'm sure the next piece will blow me away as well!

Clear Skies, Mike

Just wanted to let you that I received the knife. It's gorgeous, the pictures don't do it justice. Thanks again!

Todd, #098 style (cleaver) showed up on schedule yesterday. As someone else said, your photos, as great as they are, just can't do your knives justice. It isn't very often these days that you buy something and find that it completely exceeds your expectations. I'm a very happy camper!

Thanks Todd. George

I've just now taken delivery and unboxed my Custom Tanto #156. I couldn't be more proud! It feels like an old friend, on the hip & in hand -- straight from the shipping box. I see now what you meant about not being able to quit handling it!
When I first wrote to you with my thoughts and specs of a "dream knife tanto" I couldn't have imagined how completely you would turn my words into a work of art. Your addition of the extended copper liners and screws took it to an even higher level. The grinds and edge that you put on this blade are insane!
The leather sheath is also a definite plus, as the weight and quality of materials and workmanship are definitely top notch.
Your constant communications, ideas, and an almost jeweler's touch to this project are deeply appreciated. I just can't say Thank You enough.

A Great Day @ This House,

Just unpacked the #145 I ordered on4/24. A real work of art --- just as my last was. A perfect size for EDC, razor sharp, & a beauty to behold!


Got the knife a few days ago and WOW it is a beauty! I almost love it more than my first one. Thanks so much for the fine work. You have a customer for life!


My husband is a knife collector since he was a kid. As a Kung-fu Teacher he practice with some of them and carries others on daily basis.
He got over 7 dozen of different knifes. Most custom some production knifes. (6 of them are from Todd!!). The kiridashi 102 from Todd (stone-wood) is the first knife I fell in love with, It's sharp, its beautiful. I'm carrying this knife every day now. I like the shape, the feel in the hand. It make's me feel safe, I'm sure it will do the job. Also when I peel my apples :-)
Thanks Lot
Like my wife said, I'm a long life knife collector, she stolen my second knife from Todd :-)
In the mean while I ordered several more, (lucky me)
I like the craftsmanship, eye for detail and special designs.
I wish I found his website a few years ago.

Bas & Lot

I just got the knife. I just wanted to say thank you for such a great work, amazing craftsmanship and solid design. It looks and feels better then I expected and I have to say its worth every penny. I would definitely recommend stonewood knifes to any of my friends.

Thank you for your time.
With Respect Danila.

In October 2010, I found Stonewood Custom Knives while surfing the web. I ordered a neck knife just based on the picture. When I opened the package I immediately placed an order for 2 more. The finish on these knives is awesome and the blades are razor sharp. I have neck knives from other makers. They are a distant second to Todd's knives. Simply put, these knives are as good as it gets. Incidentally, it is now the end of January and Stonewood knives #13 #14 just arrived. 


The new knife arrived today Todd and I'm very pleased with it. Beautiful design, superb function, excellent detail and it feels great in my hand.  The same applies to both sheaths and I'm really glad you provide both. I carry and use my knives and the separate sheaths provide alternative functionality I'll use. I'd be hard pressed to find a better example of mankind's oldest tool. Oh, I think my wife Terri is enjoying these as much as I am.

Take care.

The knives arrived in perfect condition. Design, detail, execution, finish and packaging are well in excess of what I paid. Balance, ergonomics, and sheath design all combine to create a very unique gift that the guys will be very happy to carry, use and show to others.

For reference, one knife will be going to Iraq with a good friend (his fourth deployment), one will remain stateside with my brother, and the last will go with me when I retire to Thailand. These knives will be a gentle reminder of our friendship and love of our country.

Thanks for being part of the our American Dream.

Best Wishes,

I got my knife yesterday, and all I can say is WOW!! I thought it looked good in the pictures, but it looks even better in person! I've never seen a point on a knife that wicked looking! I have plans on dressing it up with a homemade lanyard(I'm ordering the beads this weekend), and a custom leather, and stingray sheath(I have to send them the knife, I'll miss it:-( ! ). I'll send pics when I have it all fixed up! Thanks for the awesome customer service, and for making such a great knife!!!


I just returned from vacation and saw that I had a package from Stonewood Designs. Although I knew what was in the box I really didn't know what was in the box!!! I was floored when I opened a smaller box and put my hands on the bird and trout knife. Pictures did not do these knives justice. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love these knives. I gave my 2 boys and my daughter their knives. They were as pumped as I was. I am bringing the knives to a jeweler friend who will engrave initials and date on one side and the words "Never Alone" on the other. It is a saying that I've told my children since they were very young. It just means that if you stay close as a family you are never alone. It also means that their knife can bring a sense of security should they find themselves in a threatening situation. These knives will be in my family forever.
I cannot thank you enough for making these very special keepsakes for me and my children. I owe you.

Take care and I look forward to talking with you soon. It's time to discuss a Bowie!!!


Hello Todd,

Got the knife. Very nice again. Thank you very much. Looking forward to your
future designs.


Hi Todd,
I received the knife this weekend and just wanted to let you know that I/ my husband really like the knife. We especially like the design. It is very beautiful!


I just received the karambit. It just keeps getting better. Every time I get a new Stonewood knife I have a new "favorite" knife. I just cannot express how impressive your work is. Just box up one of everything and send me a bill!!!!!

Have a good day buddy.

Got my knife, love it already need another 2 our 3 the girlfriend is running around with it, Satin Finish next, watching Arizona knives everyday, unless you want more money orders. Thank you Todd
Best Regards

I have the first polished neck knife that was sold through Arizona Custom Knives, and absolutely love it. It hasn't left my pocket since I got it. For such a small blade, it's been remarkably handy, not to mention impeccably made. There is such cool little details in the blade. The curved spine is comfortable and visually appealing, and the taper to the point is absolutely perfect. I'm not a fan of too thin points, and your design is stout beyond all get out, but hasn't balked at any task it's had to do since receiving it.


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