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Braided Leather Bolo Cord Necklace
Braided Leather Bolo Cord Necklace
Braided Leather Bolo Cord Necklace

24” Braided Leather Bolo Cord Necklaces
$16.95 ea.

Braided Leather Bolo Cord Necklace

3mm leather bolo cord with black knurled bayonet clasp.
Available in dark brown and black.

3mm genuine leather cord. Quality commercial braid. Size and color are approximate and can vary slightly.

Black bayonet style clasp snaps closed with a button release. Stainless steel base. The short end is 5mm outside diameter and will fit through 13/64" or larger opening.
   *Please note that it will not fit through the smaller eyelets labeled #6 or 3/16" as the inside diameter holes are smaller. It will however fit through the larger #8 or 1/4" eyelet which has a large enough opening.

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Due to the nature of the material there will be slight variations in dimension and color.

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