Stonewood Designs Custom Handmade Knives

Retro Lanyard Beads

Dimensions: 1/2” x 7/8”
1/4” dia. Hole

Solid brass beads are available in antique (dark) or raw brass (bead blast). Each bead is old school machined in house and hand finished. There will be some variation in the appearance from one to the next.

Accent a lanyard on your favorite knife, flashlight, key ring, zipper pull, multi tool, tote bag, purse and more.

*Sold individually. Lanyards not included

If you have any questions please contact us

Additional Options

Retro Brass Beads

Antique Finish
Available - $74.95

EDC Lanyard Bead

Machined Brass with Nickel Silver pins

Raw Finish (bead blasted)
Available - $69.95

EDC Lanyard Bead
EDC Lanyard Bead
EDC Lanyard Bead
EDC Lanyard Bead
EDC Lanyard Bead



Lanyard Bead
Lanyard Bead

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