Stonewood Designs Custom Handmade Knives

Custom knives are we currently working on...

Hello and greetings to everyone, We receive quite a few knife related email and phone calls asking if we have any new knives coming out or if we have this knife or that custom knife in stock. I’m putting this page together to try and keep everyone up to date.

Current knives

Etching details

Etching in more details

Custom Cleaver

Ready for heat treat

Dieselpunk cleaver

Adding details to the front

Filing detals

Smoothing out the details

Decorative filing

Decorative filing

Custom Cleaver

Figuring out details with a black marker


Filing to the lines


Layout lines for filing


Main bevels ground and sanded


Clean up the profile


Rough cut the profile


Drill & Tap

Copper knife scales

Tracy is also making progress on the fancy cleaver.

Custom  cleaver copper

Time to add the details.

Custom  cleaver copper

Test fitting.

Custom cleaver

Tracy is doing some decorative filing on a cleaver spine.


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